Weil am Rhein


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Come in - at BUTLERS in the Dreiländergalerie Weil am Rhein.

BUTLERS is the brand for everyone who is convinced that hospitality makes the world a little better. BUTLERS is for people who like to be invited or have guests themselves at home and love to laugh, discuss, enjoy and celebrate life together.

BUTLERS Weil am Rhein

For exactly these people there is BUTLERS in the Dreiländergalerie Weil am Rhein. The shop offers a world full of ideas and inspiration for the most important and personal place: the home. Here you will always find something new for the table, decoration, cooking, giving, home accessories and living - in good quality and at unbeatable prices.

Take a look at the BUTLERS store. So you can make it beautiful and special for yourself and the people in your life.


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Opening hours

Mo - Fr 10:00 - 20:00
Sa 09:30 - 20:00


Stores & Gastronomie

Mo bis Fr 10 – 20 Uhr / Sa 9:30 – 20 Uhr



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