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O'Donnell Moonshine: Rebellion in a Mason Jar - Enjoying in Style since 2014.

More than 100 years ago, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution banned the production and consumption of alcohol. But people still drank - in secret at home or in so-called speakeasies. It was also distilled - but illegally and often at night in the moonlight. The moonshine was filled into inconspicuous preserving jars for secret resale and went down in history as moonshine.

That's where August Ullrich and Philip Morsink came in with their premium liquor brand O'Donnell Moonshine, founded in 2014. Since then, they have been providing rebellious enjoyment in style with their high-quality distilled spirits and special liqueurs in iconic Mason Jars.

The O'Donnell Standard range currently includes five varieties.

  1. O'Donnell Moonshine High Proof: A clear and intense wheat spirit at 50% vol, perfect for discerning connoisseurs.
  2. O'Donnell Moonshine Harte Nuss: This variety captivates with its tantalizing mix of hazelnut and a hint of whiskey.
  3. O'Donnell Moonshine Toffee: With a sweet and caramel taste reminiscent of slowly melting sugar.
  4. O'Donnell Moonshine Wilde Beeren: For tangy enjoyment, with the fruity combination of raspberries, blackberries and grapes.
  5. O'Donnell Moonshine Pralle Kirsche: This variety seduces with a combination of fruity cherry and a hint of vanilla that makes it irresistible.


For the start of this year's summer season, O'Donnell Moonshine launched, in addition to the two well-known summer varieties "Blood Orange" and "Sour" also two new varieties: "Aperitivo" and "Passion Fruit".

Who is behind it?

From a joint trip through the U.S., founders August Ullrich and Philip Morsink brought a jar full of exciting stories about Prohibition and the legendary moonshine back to Germany. In 2014, they founded O'Donnell and have since combined stylish enjoyment with a pinch of rebellion. The company now employs over 60 people in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Further expansion is in the pipeline. The schnapps is bottled, packaged and shipped at the company's own plant in Berlin-Spandau.

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