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Levi's is known and loved worldwide for its denim jeans - and is also at home with a branch in the Dreiländergalerie Weil am Rhein.

Levi's was founded in 1853 when the Franconian immigrant Levi Strauss wanted to open a clothing shop in San Francisco together with his brother.

What emerged as an invention for American workers quickly became a kind of uniform – worn by miners, cowboys, rebels, rock stars, presidents and ordinary men and women. The functional clothing was no longer just worn at work, but people literally lived in it. And that's still the case today. Of course, a Levi's shop in the Dreiländergalerie Weil am Rhein is a must.

Levi's in Weil am Rhein

Clothing from Levi's® is a whole lifestyle, a way of expressing oneself. It shows the traces of life, the shape of one's own body, the memories of the adventures experienced. Levi Strauss & Co is one of the largest clothing manufacturers and world market leader in jeans.

Come by and find your favourite pair of Levi's jeans at the Dreiländergalerie Weil am Rhein. The team will be happy to advise you.



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